“A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change.

“So let’s all choose to challenge.”


On Monday March 8th 2021, we, across the Kerv Group chose to get involved in 2021’s International Women’s Day and the #ChooseToChallenge campaign.

To kick off Kerv’s charity involvement as a group, we wanted to celebrate IWD 2021 and equality in the workplace, whilst also raising funds and awareness for our chosen charity, Women’s AidCovid 19 and lockdown has had a huge impact on those protected and supported by these type of charities, so it seemed the perfect choice for us to support, whilst we are unable to take part in any events or “in person” challenges.

As part of our pledge to the cause, we raised £500.00 and will continue to celebrate women’s achievements. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality!

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Wednesday 27th January at 2:00pm GMT / 9:00am EST

Join us with Rob Houghton (Soteria) and Thomas Perkins (Kerv)


If your organisation is using or planning to use Microsoft Teams, how do you ensure regulatory compliance? 

Coverage gaps = increased risk = regulatory scrutiny and penalties.

Since the catalytic effect of COVID-19 on digital transformation and the adoption of business continuity and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, regulated financial firms are now potentially unaware of the compliance gap and associated business risk that widespread use of such a platform brings, within their wider communication monitoring efforts.

With Teams adoption surging from 15 million to over 115 million active daily users in under 9 months (Mar-Nov ‘20), the demand has become so prominent that it is attracting new regulatory focus regarding the potential oversight of generated Teams communication monitoring, during examination and enquiries.

The FCA has recently issued a strict announcement, warning firms of the importance of providing the same standard of surveillance of employees who are working from home as they would in an office environment.

If Teams is here to stay, how can firms implement policy-based MS Teams recording and ensure comprehensive compliance and risk mitigation across communication capture, archiving, reviewing and reporting?

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Compliant WeChat Recording: capture and securely archive staff’s WeChat messages, chats, voice calls, files and multimedia attachments for regulatory compliance.


WeChat has over 1.2 billion monthly active users…and counting. With such a significant and growing user base, particularly in China and the Far East, many financial firms rely on WeChat to communicate with their clients, who use WeChat and WeCom (previously known as WeChat Work) as their medium of choice.


However, in order to remain compliant, regulated firms must ensure that WeChat communications are recorded, securely archived and easily retrievable.


While some firms have simply banned the use of WeChat, many have realised that, in order to stay competitive, this is just not a viable option. Client demand practically mandates its use.


DoubleEdge can provide you with the best solution for your business needs. Click here to arrange a demo or a trial


The last few years have seen explosive growth in the use of encrypted Instant Messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and WeChat, by commodities traders, brokers and other regulated individuals, and increased adoption of BYOD policies.

With penalties for non-compliance becoming ever more severe, financial services organisations need a compliant WhatsApp recording solution that not only captures and securely archives these communications according to MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, SYSC 10A and other e-comms surveillance monitoring legislation, but which is also GDPR-compliant.

Data privacy is particularly important to consider when staff are using their personal mobile devices for business purposes. In these cases, how do you ensure all business communications are captured without also recording personal communications and invading employee privacy?


Users can have one single WhatsApp version, where all messages are recorded, OR add a 2nd number for the enterprise WhatsApp account:

  • Personal WhatsApp communications remain private
  • Business WhatsApp communications are captured and securely archived
  • Archive WhatsApp messages for iOS and Android devices
  • WhatsApp Mobile AND Web (desktop) versions – no change in user experience
  • Works exactly like the standard WhatsApp application
  • Same WhatsApp product, same interfaces, same capabilities
  • Captures all messaging, including all multimedia communications and attachments, which can be archived within the solution environment or routed directly to the existing company archiving set up.
  • Messages delivered to archive with content, employee email and other message metadata
  • Compliant with all relevant e-comm compliance monitoring regulations: MiFID II, GDPR, Dodd-Frank, SYSC 10A etc.
  • All messages are archived
  • Perfect for corporate devices and BYOD


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With many medical practices remaining open throughout the pandemic and focusing on remote consultations, we are now seeing a shift in guidelines from NHS England, urging anyone in need of medical support to seek the advice and care they need, including face to face if required.

Not only now, but for future operational efficiency, practices are looking to technologies that can help them to better accommodate and serve their patients. This is now amplified by an increasing pressure to manage the current situation safely, without neglecting the needs of their existing patient community.


What can DoubleEdge do to assist?


Our specialised hosted telephony solutions can offer call recording and analytics, providing the all-important data to individual practices, enabling them to:


  • Monitor and record calls (including remote triage calls)
  • Track and reduce call waiting times
  • Call routing
  • Improve productivity
  • Reach NHS access targets e.g. call holding for a maximum of 2 minutes


With the NHS alone, treating millions of patients a week, a reliable and robust communication platform is essential for the safe and efficient running of healthcare practices across the country. The ramifications of such solutions can have a great impact on the day to day working life of healthcare practitioners, and a reduction of waiting times for their patients.


Speak to one of our specialist consultants for more information:

Telephone: 020 3137 8460
Email: info@edge-edge.co.uk



In a world where we find ourselves changing the way we work and live, businesses have been turning to technologies that can allow their workforce to work remotely, securely and efficiently.

Microsoft Teams is probably the obvious choice to make to facilitate this global change, but is your business using Teams to its full capabilities? What else can you achieve with Teams?


Enter DoubleEdge and our Range of Technology Partners

Depending on your individual needs, DoubleEdge can make the relevant assessments and offer you a range of integrations and add-ons that help your business to operate “business as usual”, without the headaches associated with sending a workforce home.




Direct Routing – Compliance – Call Recording – Analytics – Call Forwarding – Contact Centre 

Did you know that with the basic Teams package, you’re required to purchase a Microsoft phone system license in order to make external calls?

With our Teams integrations, we can deliver carrier grade telephony, enabling full voice capacity with the option of call recording, analytics, compliance, security and more, at a fraction of the cost.

A number of our clients are within the finance, legal and public sectors (MIFID II, FCA COMPLAINT etc.) and require the same security, compliance and recording functions that are in place in their office settings, for their employees to continue working remotely. Our compliant MS Teams recording solutions can capture the following:

•Voice Calls
•Audio & Video Conference
•Chat / Instant Messaging
•Screen Share

We can provide the best solution for you and your business’ requirements, to ensure employees can continue working safely and effectively, not only now, but in the future landscape that could mean working differently and remotely, long term.

Contact Centre workforce? We can also facilitate all the requirements associated with customer service teams – analytics (full wallboards and customised reports), contact centre (omni channel), call pull (move live calls from teams to mobile or desk phone), intelligent virtual agent (ai) and more…whatever you need, let us know!


Every business is different, and we are here to do all the work for you, to identify the best solution for you and your employees, whatever your business size or requirements. Our team will facilitate the whole implementation process and provide ongoing support, making the whole experience quick and easy. Contact us now to find out how we can make Microsoft Teams work for you.


Merger of DoubleEdge Professional Services, Foehn, and Metaphor IT creates next-generation cloud-centric managed services company

Kerv, a next-generation ‘customer-first, cloud-first’ managed services provider has launched in the UK today with the merger of leading IT businesses, DoubleEdge Professional Services, Foehn and Metaphor IT.  It has been created to bring together the expertise of the three companies to help mid-market customers achieve successful business outcomes in a new digital era.  Their combined offer includes:

  • DoubleEdge Professional Services delivers and manages solutions across UC, voice, data, mobility and innovative compliance products, with an impressive client list of corporate businesses.
  • Foehn is a Cloud UC and Contact Centre provider with award winning cloud UCaaS and CCaaS products in Voxivo and VoxivoCX as well as being a Genesys Gold Partner and the Genesys EMEA Cloud Partner of the Year.  Foehn has over 300 customers in both the public and private sectors.
  • Metaphor IT is a leading managed services business focusing on three core solution offerings; Cloud Services, Digital Workspaces, and IT Managed Services, all of which are encompassed by the business’ “Secure By Design” principles.

All three businesses are delivering double-digit growth rates and the new company will drive further organic growth of these businesses.

The management team of each of the three businesses all join the senior team, led by Alastair Mills as Executive Chairman; Mike Ing, Managing Director and Andrew Marshall, group CFO.

Kerv’s proposition puts the customer front and centre – helping to solve business problems and navigate a successful path into a more digital-led future.

Alastair Mills, Executive Chairman, Kerv says: “Customers want to buy a wider range of integrated solutions from a trusted partner whilst leveraging the power of cloud technologies. But they will only do so if those providers can continue to deliver excellent customer experience in this rapidly changing market. As we focus on organic growth of DoubleEdge Professional Services, Foehn and Metaphor IT, supplemented by carefully targeted acquisitions, we will not lose sight of our customer-first strategy.”

Underpinning the Kerv strategy is a multi-million pound investment in the future. Kerv is developing a next generation, cloud-centric operating platform specifically designed to make it easy, quick and efficient to deliver a diverse and extensive range of future-proofed services. The platform will be a crucial component in providing the best possible customer experience for DoubleEdge Professional Services, Foehn and Metaphor IT clients.

Mike Ing, Managing Director, Kerv adds:

“As a cloud-first, customer-first business, we have the combined capabilities with DoubleEdge Professional Services, Foehn and Metaphor IT to help UK businesses navigate a new way of working as they adapt to an agile, technology-led environment post the pandemic.”


DoubleEdge Professional Services www.edge-edge.co.uk

DoubleEdge Professional Services launched in 2008 and is based in the City of London, led by Steve Burges and Alex James. They bring excellent relationships with leading corporates delivering and managing solutions across UC, voice, data, mobility and innovative compliance products. DoubleEdge has an impressive client base based upon providing an unparalleled service, the client base includes, Harrods, TP ICAP, Investec and Waterstones.


Foehn  www.foehn.co.uk

Foehn is a Cloud UC and Contact Centre provider based in Richmond, Surrey.  Founded in 2000 by Managing Director James Passingham, Foehn has developed it’s own award winning cloud UCaaS and CCaaS products in Voxivo and VoxivoCX as well as being a Genesys Gold Partner and the Genesys EMEA Cloud Partner of the Year.  Foehn has over 300 customers in both the public and private sectors, including Kiwi.com, The Zoological Society of London (ZSL), See Tickets and The Local Government Ombudsman.


Metaphor IT www.metaphor-IT.com

Metaphor IT is a leading managed services business based in the City of London. The business focuses on three core solution offerings; Cloud Services, Digital Workspaces, and IT Managed Services, all of which are encompassed by the business’ “Secure By Design” principles. Metaphor IT focuses on the clients business needs, understanding and designing technical solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the end users.




Are your workforce finding it difficult to work from home? Do you need to update your remote access?

DoubleEdge are experts in delivering secure, remote working solutions. Our highly experienced team of technical professionals understand that providing secure remote access to essential enterprise desktops, applications and data has never been more challenging and are on hand to help by offering a remote working review for your business.

With remote working now a fundamental part of British working life and likely here to stay, we want to ensure our customers are operating safely and our highly skilled team will review how secure your current system is, along with any improvements that need to be made.


We are offering a free, half day, remote strategy session covering the areas below:

  • Business strategy
  • Existing IT environment
  • User workspaces
  • Application architecture
  • IT security
  • Pain point/limitations/constraints


Following the strategy session, we will present back our findings including all our recommendations and with absolutely no obligation on your part for any subsequent work.

Whilst remote working initiatives provide great benefits, it also offers some unique challenges that companies must address. Security and user experience are at the forefront of those challenges, as well as maintaining a sense of connection with remote employees. Our goal with the remote working review is to help clarify the challenges your business is facing and to ensure that technology enables, rather than hinders daily tasks.


To find out more contact us HERE


Find out why organisations are now looking at SIP trunking as the obvious ISDN replacement and what the benefits are.

Technologies like SIP trunking offer a more flexible, cost-effective telecoms solution for your organisation to help you achieve your business goals.

For your replacement options, that best fit your business, get in touch with us HERE


ISDN standard was set in the late ‘80’s:

  • The world wide web was just being invented
  • Mobile telephony was just finding its feet – and still analogue
  • Urgent business documents were often sent by fax

Since the launch of ISDN, many changes have taken place in the business world:

  • Remote working, flexible working and hot-desking have exploded
  • Many employees use both mobile and fixed line telephony services during the workday
  • There has been increased focus on service, efficiency, business continuity and disaster recovery
  • IP-based services are commonly used by many organisations

In many ways, still using ISDN is like driving a classic sports car:

  • The car represented cutting-edge technology when it was launched
  • These days it’s not as efficient as its modern counterparts
  • The cost to keep the old model running is higher than a modern alternative
  • Reliability is a worry and issues can take days to resolve
  • Although a classic, sticking with the old model may no longer meet your basic needs

At this point, you’d consider upgrading to a newer model that is fit for purpose.

Here’s why you should do the same if your business is still relying on ISDN:

  • ISDN lacks the agility needed to meet the needs of today’s fast-moving consumers
  • The management of multiple offices can be time consuming, maintaining consistency of service across offices is often difficult
  • Scalability is slow and often expensive
  • ISDN-based telephony systems often require substantial capex investment
  • Disaster Recovery is slow
  • It can’t be combined with modern technologies like Ethernet to enhance voice services

Next generation technology SIP trunking is fast becoming the ISDN replacement solution of choice, as it can bring many benefits to your business, including:

  • Improved service features for greater efficiency gains
  • Increased flexibility to meet the changing needs of your workforce
  • Improved scalability to help drive business growth
  • Enhanced quality of service for customers
  • Improved resilience with built-in disaster recovery provisions
  • Reduced cost with significant savings to be made on call costs and line rental
  • Increased visibility of performance metrics to improve productivity and overall
    business performance

To get in touch with us, for more on how we can facilitate your changeoevr, click HERE

As the way we work has changed dramatically, how can we continue to assist your business with that change, long term? 

Through recent weeks, thousands of companies – those who had no effective measures in place to cope with the situation – have worked with telecom vendors to quickly deploy temporary cloud-based telephony solutions, enabling them to mirror their phone system’s functionality on remote devices and replicate staff’s desk phones on their mobiles, making and receiving calls as normal.

For many, this was done as a short-term fix, signing the shortest contracts possible to hopefully see them through the current crisis.

But as these firms start to see how much easier everything is with hosted systems, and how well they can enable staff to collaborate, access files and applications, and continue business as usual, the question has to be asked:

The world is moving to IP telephony in a few years anyway. Why wait any longer to move comms to the cloud as a full-time, LONG TERM solution?


How a hosted system can work for you

  •  EASILY MIRROR your company phone system on remote devices
  • ‌‌‌ EFFECTIVELY MANAGE calls to your switchboard / main number
  • ‌‌ ENABLE STAFF to work together as effectively from home as in the office
  • ‌‌ CALL CENTRES quickly get teams up and running remotely
  • ‌‌ FINANCIAL FIRMS meet compliance requirements while working remotely


If we can assist you with this change, let us know!