The last few years have seen explosive growth in the use of encrypted Instant Messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, by commodities traders, brokers and other regulated individuals, and increased adoption of BYOD policies.

With penalties for non-compliance becoming ever more severe, financial services organisations need a compliant WhatsApp recording solution that not only captures and securely archives these communications according to MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, SYSC 10A and other e-comms surveillance monitoring legislation, but which is also GDPR-compliant.


Users can have one single WhatsApp version, where all messages are recorded, OR add a 2nd number for the enterprise WhatsApp account:

  • Personal WhatsApp communications remain private
  • Business WhatsApp communications are captured and securely archived
  • Archive WhatsApp messages for iOS and Android devices
  • WhatsApp Mobile AND Web (desktop) versions – no change in user experience
  • Works exactly like the standard WhatsApp application
  • Same WhatsApp product, same interfaces, same capabilities
  • Captures all messaging, including all multimedia communications and attachments, and sends to company archive
  • Messages delivered to archive with content, employee email and other message metadata
  • Compliant with all relevant e-comm compliance monitoring regulations: MiFID II, GDPR, Dodd-Frank, SYSC 10A etc.
  • All messages are archived
  • Perfect for corporate devices and BYOD


WhatsApp Archiver for MiFID II Compliance

Administrators can set per user profiles to limit archiving types, such as Text Only or Text with Multimedia

Administrators can receive “events” when users have installed or updated the application, as well as reports of idle usage

Cannot be installed from App Store/Google Play – will be installed over an MDM/EMM (or side-loaded as Android APK or using an iOS Enterprise developer certificate)

MiFID II Compliant WhatsApp Recording on WhatsApp Desktop

* Recorded WhatsApp media can also be integrated with SOTERIA via API for real-time surveillance monitoring & alerts, advanced search & analytics, and consolidated archiving with all other forms of voice and e-communications. Learn More ‌

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