WeChat Recording and Archiving for Regulatory Compliance


Compliant WeChat Recording: capture and securely archive staff’s WeChat messages, chats, voice calls, files and multimedia attachments for regulatory compliance.


WeChat has over 1.2 billion monthly active users…and counting. With such a significant and growing user base, particularly in China and the Far East, many financial firms rely on WeChat to communicate with their clients, who use WeChat and WeCom (previously known as WeChat Work) as their medium of choice.

However, in order to remain compliant, regulated firms must ensure that WeChat communications are recorded, securely archived and easily retrievable.

While some firms have simply banned the use of WeChat, many have realised that, in order to stay competitive, this is just not a viable option. Client demand practically mandates its use.

Compliant WeChat Recording
WeChat Compliance Monitoring and Recording


The WeChat recording solution uses a specially approved WeChat Archiving API from Tencent. Captured messages and media are initially stored in a local Azure server in China, with a secure VPN being used to deliver messages outside of China.

In order to capture WeChat communications, an archiving connector is added to the company’s WeCom (WeChat Work) account. Employees download the regular WeCom app from the App Store / Play Store, which they can then use to call or chat with any other WeCom or WeChat user.

The WeChat Archiver works from Mobile, Desktop, BYOD or Corporate devices, and records all text, calls, multimedia, images and attachments, as well as deleted / recalled messages. On BYOD devices, there is complete separation between personal and business messages.

By using WeCom for any work communications and WeChat for personal, all business-related communications are recorded, while personal chats with friends and family bypass the archiver completely and remain 100% private.

Users can either link their private WeChat and business WeCom accounts, in order to pass their contacts into WeCom and use the same phone number for both, or keep them both on separate numbers and entities.


WeCom icon

WeCom (WeChat Work)

  • Includes archiving module to capture chats
  • Captures text, images, audio clips, files, recalled messages & calls
  • Utilise all other WeCom collaboration and enterprise features
  • End-to-end encrypted communication
  • Uses the official app from Google Play or App Store
WeChat icon

WeChat Consumer Version

  • Allow employees to keep personal chats with friends and family unrecorded
  • Ability to connect WeChat private user with WeCom account
  • Staff download WeChat app from Google Play or App Store
  • Companies can ban / block this app if private interaction from the account are not allowed
WeChat Recording using WeCom


‌‌‌ Works on Apple / iOS and Android devices ‌‌

‌ Equally suitable for company-owned and BYOD devices ‌‌

‌ Can be used on WeChat Work mobile app and WeChat web interface ‌‌

‌ Uses the standard WeChat interface and encryption ‌‌

‌ All communications with other users remains encrypted ‌‌

‌ Captures & archives all individual and group WeChat messages, including text, multimedia, files, recalled messages and voice calls ‌‌

‌ WeChat communications are captured directly from the Tencent servers using the WeChat Archiver connector ‌‌

‌ WeChat recordings are uploaded to the company’s enterprise archive including content, employee email, and message metadata ‌‌

‌ Search, view & retrieve message recipients, attachments and multimedia in the corporate archive ‌‌

‌ Total separation between WeCom chats and personal communications over WeChat ‌‌

‌ Automatic archiving operates in the background without any user intervention ‌‌

‌ End-to-End encryption from the mobile phone through to the corporate archive

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