Call recording, compliance monitoring and surveillance of voice and electronic communications have long been standard practice for many financial firms under FCA, FINRA, SEC, Dodd-Frank and CFTC regulations, to name a few.

With the introduction of MiFID II in January 2018, the scope of compliance recording requirements further increased to include investment managers and other buy-side firms, many of whom previously relied on their sell-side counterparts to record calls and other relevant communications. Meanwhile, under SMCR, senior managers can now be held personally accountable for compliance breaches within their organisation.

As remote working practices are expected to remain a part of life for most organisations post-pandemic, even if only on a part-time basis, the implementation of long-term solutions for the monitoring and control of distributed workforces is now more crucial than ever.

Through our partnerships with the world’s leading Regtech vendors and many years’ experience addressing the compliance challenges faced by financial institutions, we help firms leverage the latest cutting-edge technologies to meet regulatory requirements while becoming more effective, more efficient and more competitive.

Mobile Call Recording


Clients regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority rely on our secure services to record and store their employees’ mobile communications – and stay compliant. Discover how our flexible, FCA and MIFID II compliant mobile call recording solutions use carrier-grade technology to capture voice calls, SMS messages, social media comms and webmail, without the need for any new infrastructure.

Compliant WhatsApp Recording


With the increasing use of Instant Messaging apps such as WhatsApp within the financial services industry, firms are now faced with the choice of either banning them, and accepting the potential drop in productivity, or implementing a compliant WhatsApp recording and archiving solution that is in keeping with MiFID II, GDPR and all other applicable legislation.

Soteria compliance software


Surveillance, capture and storage of any type of multimedia communication globally, in real-time and at source, ready for review and analysis in a single-pane view, facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements including MiFID II, MAR, Dodd Frank, REMIT, GDPR etc. Eliminate data silos, without the need for middleware: just one single unified SaaS solution, SOTERIA.

Compliant Call Recording For Cloud Telephony


Ensuring that calls are recorded in line with MiFID II and other regulations has prevented many financial firms from moving their telephony to the cloud. With our MiFID 2 compliant hosted call recording solutions, firms can now get all the benefits of cloud-based voice services while continuing to meet their regulatory obligations. Learn more

Audio Assure


As well as having systems in place to record communications over fixed lines, trader voice platforms and mobile devices, regulated firms must also ensure that these systems are reliably and consistently capturing and storing all of these calls.

Particularly for larger organisations, this is an extremely time-consuming and resource-heavy process. For many large firms, it is impossible to carry out these checks manually across all of their recorded estate. Audio Assure solves this problem by providing automated call recorder testing and CDR reconciliation for firms, globally.

WeChat Archiver


WeChat has become the communication tool of choice for over a billion people across the world, notably in China and the Far East. Financial firms who do business in these areas need to be able to communicate compliantly with their clients and colleagues in these areas.

Rather than banning the use of WeChat and facing the knock-on effect this can have on relationships with clients who use it as their preferred medium, WeChat Archiver allows firms to protect their client relationships while remaining compliant.

Recording of MS Teams for Compliance


Businesses are increasingly relying on unified communications and collaboration tools, most notably Microsoft Teams, to accommodate flexible working while maintaining productivity.

However, for firms in heavily regulated sectors such as finance and healthcare, there are also strict compliance requirements which need to be adhered to. Call recording and surveillance regulations which apply to regular voice calls, emails, IM and other electronic communications also apply to MS Teams.

Our MS Teams compliance recording solutions can help you capture all forms of Teams communications, from voice calls and video meetings to instant messaging and shared content.

FCA & MiFID II Compliant Signal Recording


Signal Messenger is increasingly becoming adopted by data privacy and security-conscious individuals as a communications channel for both personal and business use.

With the ability to make and receive messages and voice calls through Signal, and its growing use among financial firms and their clients, the need to record these communications, securely store them and allow them to be searchable and easily retrievable is yet another requirement for regulatory compliance under FCA, MiFID II and countless other rules.

Our Signal compliance recording solution enables firms to capture and archive all forms of Signal communications, including text, multimedia, files, disappearing messages and voice calls.

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