Microsoft Teams Recording for Compliance


Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams: “always on” policy-based capture and archiving of employees’ MS Teams voice calls, video calls, chat, screen sharing and file sharing for regulatory compliance, risk mitigation and best practice.

Does your organisation use Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate among colleagues, or externally? Or are you thinking of rolling Teams out across your company and considering the compliance implications?

If you are a regulated financial firm, FCA, MiFID II and many other regulations globally require surveillance monitoring of such communications where they may be potentially related to a financial transaction taking place. Other heavily regulated industries, such as healthcare, may also find that recording of MS Teams communications is something to be considered for the purposes of risk mitigation and best practice.


In the 9 months from March and November 2020, Microsoft Teams adoption soared from 15 million to over 115 million active daily users. With firms across the world being forced to work from home, MS Teams provides a robust, unified communication and collaboration platform allowing companies to stay competitive and adapt to this new way of working.

For certain businesses though, particularly in the heavily regulated Financial Services sector, there are also compliance considerations. FCA, MiFID II, SEC, CFTC, FINRA and Dodd-Frank regulations, among others, require firms to record calls and electronic communications.

If your organisation is using or planning to use Microsoft Teams, this means recording your employees’ Teams voice calls, video meetings, instant messaging, file sharing and screen sharing. With so many forms of MS Teams communications to record, how do you ensure regulatory compliance?

Compliance Recording for MS Teams
Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording


While Teams does natively give users the option to record calls ad hoc, for compliance purposes Microsoft Teams monitoring requires recording of MS Teams to be “always on”.

DoubleEdge can help with all aspects of your Microsoft Teams deployment: licencing, deployment, direct routing for improved call rates, and of course Teams compliance recording and monitoring.

This includes the capture and archiving of all forms of Microsoft Teams multimedia communications: voice, video, chat, files and sharing.

In most cases however, not all Teams users need to be recorded – only those in certain roles. Our granular protocols allow you to select which users to record and which to leave unrecorded.

Speech to text transcription, advanced search features, real-time alerts, AI and sentiment analysis can also optionally be incorporated to enhance business intelligence and drive ROI.

Record all Microsoft Teams content

Record All Forms of Microsoft Teams Content

Capture Teams Voice, Video, IM and shared content

Compliance monitoring obligations

Address Compliance Monitoring Obligations

Meet FCA, MiFID II, CFTC, FINRA, SEC, Dodd-Frank recording requirements

Compliance recording policies for Microsoft Teams

Assign Compliance Recording Policies & Rules

Full control over which Microsoft Teams users to record

Secure hierarchical access to MS Teams recordings

Secure Hierarchical Access to MS Teams Recordings

Granular, role-based access to compliance portal

Microsoft Teams analytics and eDiscovery

eDiscovery and Analytics

Advanced search, speech-to-text and real-time alerts

Rapid provisioning

Rapid Provisioning

Quick to set up and deploy, with no hardware required

Global compliance

Global Compliance

Global data sovereignty and privacy compliance assured

Cloud based Microsoft Teams recording

Cloud Based

Flexible, scaleable and cost-effective cloud based solution

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