Wednesday 27th January at 2:00pm GMT / 9:00am EST

Join us with Rob Houghton (Soteria) and Thomas Perkins (Kerv)


If your organisation is using or planning to use Microsoft Teams, how do you ensure regulatory compliance? 

Coverage gaps = increased risk = regulatory scrutiny and penalties.

Since the catalytic effect of COVID-19 on digital transformation and the adoption of business continuity and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, regulated financial firms are now potentially unaware of the compliance gap and associated business risk that widespread use of such a platform brings, within their wider communication monitoring efforts.

With Teams adoption surging from 15 million to over 115 million active daily users in under 9 months (Mar-Nov ‘20), the demand has become so prominent that it is attracting new regulatory focus regarding the potential oversight of generated Teams communication monitoring, during examination and enquiries.

The FCA has recently issued a strict announcement, warning firms of the importance of providing the same standard of surveillance of employees who are working from home as they would in an office environment.

If Teams is here to stay, how can firms implement policy-based MS Teams recording and ensure comprehensive compliance and risk mitigation across communication capture, archiving, reviewing and reporting?

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