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To defend your business effectively, you must first know what is on your networks. Our unique platform allows your business to detect anomalous behaviour, hidden within encrypted traffic, without the need for decryption.

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The Problem

Attackers have become more sophisticated, using encryption to disguise their malicious malware and ransomware. Cisco predicts that more than 70% of all malware campaigns in 2022 will use some type of encryption to conceal malware delivery and 60% of organisations will fail to decrypt HTTPs efficiently missing critical encrypted threats.

As organisations digitally transform, a significant number of applications and services are using TLS encryption as the primary method of securing information on the network.

Enterprises are increasingly expected to protect personal and other data. As a result, encryption is becoming the norm. This lack of visibility creates new surveillance challenges and risks. Complex laws and regulations are driving organisations to encrypt more traffic. Increasingly, regulators not only require more encryption but more automated controls and reporting.

The latest encryption protocol, TLS 1.3, provides much stronger protection and cannot be decrypted, creating greater challenges for analysing encrypted traffic moving forward.

Venari is an encrypted traffic analysis (ETA) platform that detects threats hidden within encrypted traffic and helps deliver cryptographic and regulatory compliance for enterprise organisations…without the need for decryption.

Threat Detection

Over the past 5 years, the amount of encrypted traffic used on the internet has increased. Attackers now use encryption as part of their campaigns for phishing attacks and delivery of malware and ransomware.

Organisations are moving to private/public cloud architectures requiring a greater understanding of the encrypted traffic threat.

Decrypting traffic for manual review is prohibitively costly and slow. Enterprises need automated, efficient and effective solutions with low false positives.

Internal Compliance

Organisations have adopted an agile approach to application development, infrastructure, cloud and third-party services.

This increases the volume of encrypted traffic on the network and reduces visibility for security teams. IoT devices, IP phones, printers, TVs, CCTV systems, swipe card systems, healthcare devices, manufacturing systems, ICS platforms, and other unmanageable devices have increased. Many of these devices use TLS encryption for communications.

The amount of encrypted traffic used by internal applications is increasing, and there is a greater need to ensure that all platforms confirm to the certification standards set by risk and compliance teams.