Telecom cost reduction

Following detailed call analysis, supported by industry benchmarking and an innovative simulation of tariff scenarios, DoubleEdge’s telecom cost reduction service came out on top with savings that the others just could not match.



As an IT Manager, you could be forgiven for thinking that there’s limited scope for making savings on your calls and line rentals, whether that be fixed or mobile services. After all, competition among service providers is at an all-time high and prices are at an all-time low.

The fact is though, price negotiation and haggling over tariffs is not the most effective route to telecom cost reduction. Intelligent call analysis can expose far bigger savings. It’s a specialist job, but big savings are still achievable if you can find a service provider with the knowledge and experience required. The proof of this was discovered by Metropolis International Group when they reviewed their telecoms services.

telecom cost reduction consultancy exposes hidden savings

With some of the biggest titles in the industry, Metropolis is a top publisher in the consumer, business and travel sectors. In this aggressively competitive environment, Metropolis has held a market leading position since 1994, due in good part to an active call centre focused on advertising sales.

Heavy usage of outbound calls to both mobile and fixed line prospects knocks a big hole in the IT budget and represents a significant cost to the business as a whole.

Metropolis Group’s Finance Director Richard Hutchinson explains: “I chose some well-known names to tender. DoubleEdge was a bit of an unknown but there was something different about their approach. Their prestigious client list gave a clue to their capabilities.”

DoubleEdge Services Provided

Call analysis

Tariff comparisons

Industry benchmarking

Usage projections

Contract reviews

Carrier negotiation

Service migration

Voice Services Management

Data Network Connectivity

Data Network Services


Telecom cost management consulting

Following a detailed analysis of call profiles, industry benchmarking and an innovative simulation of tariff scenarios, DoubleEdge’s telecom cost management consulting exercise identified savings that other providers simply could not match.

Richard summarised: “DoubleEdge have demonstrated that reviewing costs for voice services is an ongoing task and one that, with an intelligent approach plus inside knowledge of carrier operations, will always result in savings.”

“I’m surprised at the scale of the savings. I’m even more surprised that I haven’t had to change my network carrier. Having a novation agreement with BT, DoubleEdge was able to take over management of our voice services and billing.

The process was really simple, without any disruption to our telecoms services. Now, in the knowledge that DoubleEdge is monitoring my call records, I can be confident that I’m always getting the best deal.”

Richard Hutchinson, Finance Director

Metropolis International Group

Established in 1994, Metropolis International Group Limited specialises in consumer, business and travel publishing alongside websites, awards, events, public sector contracts and reward & benefit programmes for consumers and corporate partners. It currently employs 200 people and has offices in West London, Croydon, Bolton, Plymouth, Dublin and New York.

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