Network resilience and mobile roaming cost management case study

Network resilience project across voice and data networks and mobile roaming cost management helps Canopius benefit from improved business continuity and reduced mobile roaming charges.

Canopius is the global specialty insurance and reinsurance division of Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings Inc. The Group underwrites a diverse portfolio of specialty business from its operations at Lloyd’s and around the world, with offices in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Bermuda, the US and Singapore.

Having achieved significant growth in recent years, Canopius is now one of the top ten Lloyd’s managing agents, writing premiums in excess of £1 billion.



When your business is focused on helping clients mitigate their risks, it should come as no surprise that Canopius put their own approach to risk management high on the agenda – particularly when it comes to supporting business-critical communications.

With this in mind and given the cost and complexities that often accompany global operations, they approached DoubleEdge to help them increase the robustness of their business continuity plans.

After assessing existing comms and identifying vulnerabilities in the Canopius infrastructure, DoubleEdge implemented a fully resilient, three-point metro data ring to connect their main office, data centre and the Lloyds building.

This now means that should any link or location fail, the service will automatically switch to an alternative route. The solution is monitored 24/7, with DoubleEdge on standby round-the-clock to investigate and resolve any issues.

DoubleEdge Services Provided

Voice and data network resilience

Data network connectivity

Data networks services

Voice services management

Consolidated billing and carrier management

Mobile roaming cost management

Mobile global roaming services

Mobile contract benchmarking


Network resilience at Canopius

DoubleEdge also implemented a cloud-based DDI routing solution for voice services to the main Canopius office, building in alternative routing plans for calls to ensure continuity in the event of any unplanned business interruptions.

On a global scale, DoubleEdge has provisioned IP and voice connectivity back-up solutions for each Canopius site as failover for the main Vodafone MPLS, PBX hosting and mobile services.

With an alternative carrier option at each location, any problems with the Vodafone network can be quickly and seamlessly addressed to ensure continuity of service.

DoubleEdge also provides consolidated billing and support for the entire failover solution, which removes the need for Canopius to deal with multiple suppliers and therefore simplifies management and administration.


In addition to increasing the resilience of Canopius’ business continuity solutions, DoubleEdge was also asked to review the company’s international mobile costs and implement savings where possible.

With the escalating cost of data roaming services in countries outside the EU, DoubleEdge was able to deliver savings of around 75% against the previous provider’s costs using a combination of pre-configured intelligent SIMs and their innovative Mi-Fi solution, which creates personal Wi-Fi hotspots using in-country, local network providers.

Following this dramatic reduction in global data roaming charges, DoubleEdge is now conducting a full mobile contract benchmarking exercise for Canopius.

This involves a detailed assessment of their mobile estate, contracts and past invoices in order to identify billing errors, recover overpayments and renegotiate agreements to align with business needs.

“DoubleEdge is now one of our trusted strategic partners, providing a range of services that not only support and enhance our global business communications, but also reduce operational costs.

Their work has helped us significantly improve the resilience of our business continuity plans and is contributing important savings across the board.”

Canopius Group

Mobile roaming cost management

Canopius Group

Canopius Group AG is the global specialty lines platform of Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings Inc., one of the top three Japanese P&C insurers with total assets of around $85 billion. Canopius underwrites a diversified portfolio of specialty lines business and has grown significantly through a mix of organic expansion and acquisition.

Headquartered in Zurich, the group operates in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Bermuda, US and Singapore, and is one of the top 10 insurers in the Lloyd’s insurance market, writing premiums in excess of £1 billion.


We believe that proactive, knowledgeable support from people who really care is at the heart of delivering performance improvement.


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