Mobile Cost Reduction and Mobile Signal Boosting

The procurement of Mobile communications has become a complex task. Businesses are faced with technology that is constantly evolving, tariffs that are frequently changing and mobile estates that demand higher levels of support.



A fiercely competitive market has driven many service providers to specialise in one or other of these areas. In turn, the customer now faces the challenge of increased administration, more complex billing, fragmented reporting and growing management costs. In response, businesses are seeking a single provider that can deal with complexity, maintain service levels and deliver cost efficiencies.

This was the scenario faced by Knauf, the global provider of building materials, operating from their plasterboard manufacturing plant in Sittingbourne, Kent. With one of the fastest production lines in Europe, Knauf is recognised as the epitome of German efficiency. The recent opening of a ground-breaking architectural support centre in Clerkenwell also reflects Knauf’s progressive culture where customer experience and modern communications are priorities.

By contrast, in 2015 the company found itself with a mobile communications estate that was disorganised, costly and wanting in terms of service. The relationship with the existing network provider wasn’t working and, through recommendation, DoubleEdge was assigned the challenge: reduce costs, consolidate multiple accounts, improve efficiencies and increase service levels.

Following consultation with heads of Procurement, Finance and IT, DoubleEdge set about careful analysis of tariffs, a review of working processes and scope for reducing administration time. A comparison between BT and EE services exposed significant savings, particularly when taking into account BT tariffs out-of-bundle, the cost of bolt-ons and roaming costs associated with Knauf’s global operations. Ultimately, DoubleEdge achieved a saving of 30% on Knauf’s monthly bill, a remarkable amount that is now available for other IT projects.

Mobile signal boosters at Knauf Sittingbourne site


To ensure the best possible coverage and signal quality across the vast Sittingbourne site, DoubleEdge provided SIM cards and handsets for a trial period, prior to transfer of services. Thereafter, implementation of the new EE Corporate tariff plan involved porting 150 mobile users from Vodafone and installation of 80 new tablet users onto a shared corporate data package that added flexibility and value.

“DoubleEdge has transformed the management of our mobile communications.

Their proactive approach and personal service has built a close and valuable working partnership that has succeeded in reducing admin, cutting costs by 30% and simplifying the billing process.

Above all, we now have all our mobile services delivered from one provider who has the skills and experience to tackle anything we need.”

Ray Pugh – Network & Security Analyst, Knauf

Following a survey and mapping of signal strength across the 20-acre production plant, DoubleEdge identified some small areas of weakness and installed mobile signal boosting devices to ensure optimum coverage for all employees.

Additional services included an upgrade to iPhone devices for the Operations Team plus introduction of a new Support Service offering a queue-free service desk for device management and assistance with common user issues like installation of company apps and digital services.

Support has included site visits by DoubleEdge technicians to provide personal assistance and demonstrations to users needing help with set-up, configuration and training for features on the mobile handsets. On an ongoing basis, DoubleEdge provides Knauf management regular updates on tariffs, regulatory compliance, roaming charges and other information critical to maintaining the mobile estate.

Capitalising on DoubleEdge’s powerful billing platform and expertise in billing and cost reporting, Knauf now have a simplified invoicing structure with multiple cost centres that enable cross-billing internally, simpler allocation of costs and reduced accountancy processes. The presentation of all costs on a single bill has realised an important reduction in administration time.

Over the past two years, the number of users has risen to 300 and, testament to the successful transformation of the mobile estate, Knauf have conducted a competitive appraisal of services and have renewed their contract with DoubleEdge.


We believe that proactive, knowledgeable support from people who really care is at the heart of delivering performance improvement.


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