Business Continuity Plans – informal online round table session on Thursday 2nd April at 11am

For years, telecoms companies have been telling businesses about the “ISDN cut-off” in 2025, when ISDN services will be completely withdrawn from service, and encouraging firms to embrace the benefits of IP telephony solutions sooner rather than later.

Hosted VoIP systems in particular offer the flexibility to work from anywhere, on any device; the ability to scale up or down at the click of a mouse; the ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and clients remotely, like any normal day in the office.

All this time, however, making the move to more flexible, lower cost VoIP solutions has remained on the back burner for many companies, with other projects taking priority: “this can wait, we’ll address it in a year or two”.

Everyone thought they had all their bases covered.

Until a few weeks ago.

Business continuity plans that looked robust on paper suddenly revealed cracks. Or in some cases, major holes. For millions of companies all over the world, the last few weeks have been a frantic scramble to implement contingency plans.

For firms already set up on hosted platforms, telling employees to do their jobs from the safety of their homes has, for the most part, been a relatively simple, pain-free process. However, for many of those with more rigid systems in place, it has been a logistical nightmare.

Many companies, even larger organisations, now have their main number diverting to a single staff member’s mobile phone. Or switchboard numbers just ring out, or go to voicemail…

As firms begin to settle in to their new way of working, no matter how effective or appropriate their DR plan is, many CTOs, CIOs and IT Directors will be asking themselves “is the business continuity plan we have in place right now really good enough for the long term? Can we continue operating effectively like this? What if this happens again?”.

DoubleEdge Professional Services will be running a free, informal online round table session on Thursday 2nd April at 11am GMT, answering questions and offering advice to help IT Managers and company directors navigate the current crisis and put fast, effective solutions in place to get back to business as usual. If you would like to join the discussion, please register below or email  for access details.

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