As Boris Johnson unveils plan to end England restrictions by 21 June, there are a number of questions for businesses across the country.

A new four-step plan to ease England’s lockdown could see all legal limits on social contact lifted by 21 June; so what does this mean in a post-pandemic world, for those who have adapted to “working from home” for the best part of a year?

     1.   Has the working landscape changed indefinitely, with flexible working becoming a permanent feature?

Many companies have already been quite vocal about the possibility of working from home (WFH) becoming a permanent possibility for their staff. If they can work just as effectively, and securely from their home office…then why not? Click here to learn about our mobile call recording options.

      2.  Do the current technologies in place for WFH have the longevity to maintain businesses on a long term basis? 

Since the start of the pandemic and the imminent retirement of Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams has clocked up more than 115 million daily active users, globally. The continual development of the platform itself, and its accompanying applications shows no signs of slowing down. This way of doing business and virtual meetings, is here to stay.

      3.  Does your business use Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate among colleagues, or externally? Or are you thinking of rolling Teams out across your company and considering the compliance implications?

If you are a regulated financial firm, FCA, MiFID II and many other regulations globally require surveillance monitoring of such communications where they may be potentially related to a financial transaction taking place. Other heavily regulated industries, such as healthcare, may also find that recording of MS Teams communications is something to be considered for the purposes of risk mitigation and best practice. Click here for MS Teams recording and compliance options.

     4. With all this technology enabling companies to perform successfully remotely, is there going to be an office of the future?

The nature of the office is changing. Prior to the pandemic, our office spaces were very oriented around staff going into the office every day. We saw a lot of collaborative meeting spaces, and although this is no doubt now going to change significantly, there are those that will be eager to return to the office for human interaction and mental stimulation that you just can’t get at home. Click if your data and telephony needs will be changing in the not too distant future.


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